Wasteland 2 could possibly be super awesome

A Reddit user named gamedeveloper posted this to /r/GirlGamers today:

My 2013 New Year’s Resolution was to remove Reddit from my life because, let’s face it, that place can be a vile cesspool of preteen time-wasting bullshit pretty much 95% of the time. But today, someone recommended /r/GirlGamers to me, and I respect that someone, so I gave it shot… DESPITE the fact that the name is “GamerGirl”, which paired with Reddit’s reputation, just sounds like a seething vat of tweens exploding with rage at each other for not being “real” gamers for totally worthless reasons, like because they play games from genres that have diverse audiences, or something. (That last link is a long read, but excellent.)

Anyway, tl;dr I saw that screenshot from Wasteland 2 and was SOLD. There it is, folks. We solved the “Female Characters in Games” problem. Solved it. Done. We can go home now. All of those characters seem interesting and at least a little bit different and none of them are crazy futuristic sex-chameleons with camo skin or anything.