Intro to Arduino: For Kids and by Kids

If you haven’t yet heard, this Saturday I’m putting on an event at Crashspace, hosted by none other than 11-year-old kid-genius featured-author Qtechknow! I’m sorting kits, as we speak…

mmm… kits…

As I write this, we have ONE SPOT left in the class! If you’d like to attend, now’s your last chance!

When: Saturday, Aug 11: 1:00pm – 5:00pm w/ snack break (bring a sack lunch!) and time after for informal Q&A
Where: Crashspace (10526 Venice Boulevard Culver City, CA 90232)
Who: YOU!
How Much: $25 (instruction) + $55 (Arduino kit + Custom ArduSensors)

Crashspace will be opening our doors for a special family-friendly Intro to Arduino course: for kids and by kids! We’ll be focusing on basic programming, basic circuits, and basic Arduino.

We’re especially excited about this class for two reasons:
1) It’s not often Crashspace focuses on the younger hackers, so this is a special occasion for us!
2) We’re excited and honoured to host guest lecturer Qtechknow, the 11-year-old inventor behind ArduSensors, the Gas Cap, and many other creative and kid-friendly inventions! Qtechknow designs and distributes his own PCBs, is a featured author on Instructables, and is making a special trip to Crashspace to help spread his love of Arduino and circuit design to LA!

Two of Qtechknow’s Custom-Designed ArduSensors

Kids and adults 10+ are encouraged to attend, but any hackers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by one parent or guardian. We have minimal space, so please only one guardian per child. One ticket purchase is good for one kid student + guardian pair, or one adult student. Our kits are limited to students only, but interested parents may buy the materials at cost on SparkFun and Qtechknow’s site for $68.

Kit Contents:
2 Custom ArduSensors (ArduSensor Pot and QBar Graph)
1 Arduino Leonardo
1 USB microB cord
1 Clear self-adhesive breadboard
10 Jumper wires
10 Assorted LEDs
2 Momentary Push-button Switches
40 Resistors of various resistance

Please contact at0mbxmb[at]gmail[dot]com or tweet to @at0mbxmb with questions.