How to Enable SSH on a Raspberry Pi

Turn on the Raspberry Pi, and open the command line application

Open up the Raspberry Pi Config
$ sudo raspi-config 

Select “Advanced”
Select “SSH”
Select “enable”
Save and close the dialog box.

Reboot the Raspberry Pi via the command line
$ reboot

After reboot, look up your inet address
$ ifconfig

You will need to know your Pi’s password. If you don’t know it (default is “raspberry”), then change it now:

$ sudo -i
passwd pi

(type a password)

Check that your Pi’s package manager is up to date
$ sudo apt-get update

Download and run nmap to see your Raspberry Pi’s network address
$ sudo apt-get install nmap
$ nmap -sP (your network range – visible from ifconfig)

Unplug the pi’s ethernet from the router, run nmap. Plug the pi back in, run nmap. The address that disappears and reappears is your Raspberry Pi.

Open the Terminal app on your laptop and ssh to the pi
$ ssh pi@(your inet address)

And you’re in! You are now connected to your Raspberry Pi from your laptop.