Getting the Hang of Android Development

Angela and I have a long-standing tradition of utilizing the necessary “Hello, World” of each project we make as a medium to express our feelings to one another. (You’ve probably noticed this if you read this blog often, or if you follow either of us on twitter.)

Anyway, Brian and I have been talking about making an app together for a while, so today I sat down and worked through the A to Z of creating a simple Android app. The goal was to make something trivial, just to get the hang of the basic development process and submission pipeline. I named it “Feelings Generator” because it randomly generates feelings I have about Angela.

Here it is in action:

Getting a simple app working and ported onto a phone was much, much easier than I was thinking it would be. Having never built an Android app before (but having a strong background in Java), the whole process took about 20 minutes. The next step is to build something a bit more complicated, like a single-screen single-player game. And after that… who knows. Maybe FlappyAngela will hit the market, and I’ll become a bazillionaire.

Oh, and here it is in it’s native habitat: