Blacklight LED Collar

Photo Credit: Mashable

This was made as a gift for my friend Heidi, who has a very particular need. As you can see above, Heidi is a professional painter who lately has been touring the earth with her boyfriend Robert DeLong, painting the faces of everyone in the crowd at his shows with blacklight-reactive paint. Heidi’s responsible for the look of Robbie’s shows (and created the inspiration for his X logo). You can see tons of crazy examples of her work here.

So Heidi came up with an idea, and asked if I could make it for her. She’s often on tour, and has to paint faces in a variety of places that may or may not have what she needs to set up shop. Sometimes there aren’t even outlets available. So it would perfect if she could have a wearable piece of electronic clothing that could (a) emit mild UV light when she’s working with blacklight-reactive paint on participants’ faces, and (b) emit very bright regular light when she needs to either set up or take down her station.

And thus, the Blacklight LED Collar (which can switch easily between UV and normal light) was born. View instructions on how to make your own here on Instructables.