2014 CRASH Space Annual Report

Today, April 26th 2015, is the day of the CRASH Space Annual Meeting. As the Vice President and a Board Member of the 501(c)3 non-profit CRASH Space, I’ve put together our official Annual Report for the organization’s year 2014.

To all CRASH Space members, supporters and friends: please allow me to offer you our sincerest thanks for your participation in and support of our organization and community over this past year. As an organization, we believe that the empowerment of individuals has the power to change our world, and by supporting CRASH Space, you are taking part in a greater global movement to create and provide open, affordable educational resources to our local community and beyond.

Below is the inaugural CRASH Space Annual Report for 2014, featuring an outline of what our organization has focused on in this past year, what we were able to accomplish, and our plans for the future.

Thank you,
Michelle Leonhart
Vice President and Board Member,

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Download the full 2014 Annual Report PDF here.